Pirate Radio Wales

Pirate Radio Wales is a commercial community radio station owned by Murgatroyd Broadcast Engineering Limited. The station is in actuality fully licenced with both the PRS and PPL licencing authority although the name suggests otherwise! Pirate Radio Wales is a ‘light-hearted’ project which supports local people and businesses within our area, playing songs and instrumentals from our vast database of commercial music.

Pirate Radio Wales will be broadcasting 7 days per week from July 2022. Our radio station will be broadcasting on many internet platforms.

The programmes will include many local people coming onto the shows telling us all about who they are and what they are involved in locally, from leisure to business.

Our growing team of broadcasters will be playing all kinds of music, email us with requests, chat to us live on air, get involved with some of our ‘bonkers’ stunts and generally have fun!

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Radio jingles

When you think of the Go Compare advert, the odds are that the comparison site’s catchy operatic jingle comes straight to the forefront of your mind. Jingles are the easiest to recall of all radio ad formats, capitalising on the link between music and memory. These sound bites become embedded in the collective consciousness of consumers. A snappy jingle can be a great way to stimulate sales through short radio ad segments once you’ve built up enough brand awareness.

Murgatroyd Broadcast Engineering Limited produces radio jingles using our 32-track digital recording facility, composers, arrangers, musicians and vocalists. We do not use off-the-shelf jingles, each jingle is specifically written and recorded to fit your corporate identity (brand) and/or promote your product.

As a guide, our jingles start from £1,995.00 for a basic thirty second musical jingle such as the jingles used on this website. The jingles can be created in English or Welsh. They can also be used on your website, within an answerphone message, or used for live-play applications such as an intro/outro to a seminar. Our jingles are supplied as broadcast quality MP3 files and WAV files.

Straight reads

Similar to a jingle, a straight read is another type of ‘produced spot’ where the advertiser creates the message for broadcast. This is the most common type of advertisement that you’ll hear on the radio, involving one or more voices reading out a message that emphasises the benefits of the brand, product, or service.

Straight reads tend to feature some form of contact information like a website or phone number as well as a call to action that encourages the listener to get in touch or make a purchase. These radio advertisements are not only effective at driving sales but also generating awareness of your brand in the first place – for this reason, radio ads will often combine a straight read with a jingle to influence consumers who are at different stages of their relationship with the brand.

Advertisers either produce their own advert (up to 30 seconds) or book studio time with us to record and master an advert on their behalf. The advantage of booking studio time with us ensures optimum recording quality, voice processing and audio special effect. Studio times is booked at £250.00 per day. We advise customers to rehearse thoroughly before booking studio time as most ‘straight reads’ with audio mastering can be completed in one day.


We encourage local companies to join us in an interview podcast about themselves, their companies and products. A large amount of information can be discussed within a 30-minute podcast! The job of the podcast is to introduce the company brand to the audience and act as a foundation for radio ads. Podcasts are available to download on our podcast channels. Our podcasts can be top and tailed with music advertising jingles. (For further information, email us on: info@mbe.cymru)

Distribution/Streaming platforms/Directories

Our station is distributed across a number of directories and platforms with ‘Radio.co’ and ‘Radio Garden’ being the two largest, with some 15+ million internet users. Fourteen other directories also provide access to our channels enabling Pirate Radio Wales to ensure a growing coverage of our locality and beyond. Pirate Radio Wales can be accessed via Murgatroyd Broadcast Engineering Limited website, radio directories and social media platforms.